Art in nature.

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What is art in nature?

This global movement uses mainstream arts to deliver information on the environment and climate action, inspiring new climate solutions from the next generation. It has the clear aim of creating a mass participation digital event that will draw art submissions from millions of young people from across all ethnicities and socio-economic groups.

  • Online gallery displaying all submissions
  • Signed certificate of participation
  • Music video for a song co-written by Grammy nominated Ella Spira MBE and local talent
  • Impact report
Global benefits
  • Giving a voice to young people globally
  • Creating a new global community that includes the ideas of young people
  • Complimenting IPCC reports and contributing to the UN Global goals
  • Representing every participating member country on equal terms
Benefits to young people
  • Educating on the impacts of climate change and the many choices available to all, that have positive impacts on the planet
  • Providing a platform that inspires and nurtures ideation and innovation
  • Offering the unique opportunity to engage directly with internationally acclaimed Sisters Grimm
  • Enhancing mental and physical wellbeing through nature
  • Creating alternative learning environments
Benefits to the country
  • Translating the country’s science agency’s work through outreach
  • Collation of data from submissions around impact and reach report findings
  • Being set alongside major global territories, in continuing to give the next generation a voice in climate change
  • Showcasing new global climate change solutions from the nation’s young people